Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trauma victims support

Angels EMCT program  started in 2011 June aiming to provide primary emergency medical care  to hapeles victims at site. Many lives were saved by  this committed  group which include 2 forgien body airway obstruction and few Prehospital cardiac arrest cases. Their active interventions in trauma scenario were commendable. Most these scenarios male Emct Angels played pivotal  role. 
Ms.Shimna is the Emct Angels volunteer of 3rd batch who witnessed a trauma  case (60 year old lady)at Mavoor road mofusil bustand in last week. Nobody to help her and she was crying with intolerable  pain ans agony .She had fracture and suspected dislocation shoulder. As Shimna received proper training ,she initiated first aid including immobilization and safely transported to hospital .She accompanied her and given all necessary care.  I personally met the trauma victim and she expressed the whole hearted gratitude towards Angels EMCT .
When we  seedling a great concept ,  surely the friuts will be sweat and may be  its usefulness is evident  after several  years ...